Volunteer Opportunity

In order for Hixson band to be successful, many volunteers are needed and appreciated!

WE NEED YOU!!!  in 2022

  • CONCESSION STAND   Please use this sign-up list to help the band at HOME football games by working with us in the concession stand. This is a fun way to get involved with helping out our Hixson Band. New volunteers are always welcome!
  •  AWAY GAME CHAPERONE   Please use this sign-up list to chaperone AWAY games and band competitions: chaperones must ride the bus to/from away games with students and provide general supervision during the event. (requires completed background check)
  • LETS WATER THE BAND!   We need to keep the kids hydrated during practices, home games, competitions and away games. As you can imagine we use a large amount of water. If you have would like to contribute, please drop off a case of water at the band room. We appreciate your support!
  • HANG BANNERS (Chattanooga Motorcar Festival)  We need a few more volunteers, please check this sign-up list for shifts.
  • CHATTANOOGA LOOKOUTS: Pending opportunity.