Itinerary for Sept 27 & 28 – Homecoming Game and Bradley Central contest

Itinerary for Friday, Sept 27, 2019; Home FB game vs Boyd Buchanan

6:00 PM               Report to the band room, warm up, change into uniform

7:00 PM               Line up to march to the stadium

7:30 PM               Kickoff

8:30 PM               (estimated) Halftime – perform for Homecoming Court

10:00 PM             Performance of 2019 Show after the game

10:45 PM             Line up to march back to the Band Room

11:00 PM             Clean up, change, dismiss

  • The band will be in uniform for the game – don’t forget band shirt, black socks, and marching shoes
  • Eat before report time. The band will eat after halftime, courtesy of the HHS Band Boosters
  • End time for the game is an estimate and may vary, depending on timeouts, weather, etc.

Itinerary for Saturday, Sept 28, 2019; A Bradley Classic Marching Contest

11:00 AM            Report to the band room, move directly to the practice field for rehearsal

1:00 PM               Return to the band room, load up equipment

1:30 PM               Leave HHS

2:15 PM               Arrive at BCHS, unload, eat, change into uniform

3:30 PM               Warm up

4:35 PM               Perform

5:00 PM               Return to buses, change out of uniform, load equipment

5:30 PM               Early bus departs, all others return to stadium to watch other bands

8:20 PM               Awards ceremony

9:30 PM               Load buses to return

10:00 PM             Arrive at HHS, unload, dismiss

  • Tickets to the contest are $10 general admission; children under 6 free; parking is free
  • Eat before report time. The band will eat after we arrive at BCHS, courtesy of the HHS Band Boosters
  • The address for Bradley Central HS is 1000 S Lee Hwy, Cleveland TN 37311